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sono- = sound (latin)
polús = many, much (ancient greek)

joris holtackers
• composer-pianist

In my early youth I fell in love with the piano. I had (classical) piano lessons since then and later studied (jazz) piano at the conservatory of Utrecht (with Jasper van ’t Hof & Bert van den Brink) where I graduated ‘cum laude’ for Bachelor and one year later for Master degree (after having lessons from John Taylor at the Hochschule für Musik in Cologne). I also took lessons in composing while studying and I kept on writing music since then for various ensembles (classical & jazz/world) and for movie productions.
While composing & playing I become fascinated by the fusion of different styles of music and cultures. I compose and play both classical and modern
(jazz/world/pop-rock) music with equal enthusiasm and devotion.

listen: see audio & video below

• multi-instrumentalist

Next to the piano I also have been playing percussion, drums and (bass)guitar (acoustic/electric), both live in various ensembles as well as in the studio as a session player.

listen: see ‘jazz compositions’ & ‘adept’s ode’ audio players below

• audio recording & mastering engineer

Another course I was following during my studies at the conservatory was audio engineering. Since then I’ve been continuing my development within this craft. I have always had a passion for sound since my early youth.
While recording, mixing & mastering I use both my knowledge and experience as a musician/composer as well as my expertise as an audio engineer to get the desired sound.
My aim while recording/mixing is to make recordings that let the listener to enjoy and experience the music to the fullest while feeling the vibe. I always strive to give each instrument it's own, equally important place. Acoustic ensembles are dynamic and organic species, and they require an organic approach.
When mastering, i’m always searching for a spectral balance, tranquility and a spatiality that's very pleasing on any audio system. Mastering is precision- and patience work and I’m fond of it.
My keywords are: transparency, musicality, balance, dynamics & natural pleasant sound.

Just like when I’m composing & performing: I’m at home with recording/mixing/mastering in any music style, especially classical music, world music and jazz.

An Anthology of Tibetan Folk Songs: Musical Offerings I (2012) by Namgyal Lhamo on Spotify

• awarded with 15 indaba music awards
( prizes awarded by a.o. paul simon and steve reich )

amongst others…

“Love is Eternal Sacred Light” (Paul Simon)
3rd prize / runner-up
(awarded by
Paul Simon from 300+ international submissions)
(actually a reharmonisation instead of remix)

“2x5” (Steve Reich)
honorable mention
(awarded by Steve Reich and Christian Carey from 250+ international submissions)

“Schicksalsuite” for symphonic orchestra
one of the 10 winners of the ‘Dramatic Transitions’ contest
“Ballade nr.1” for piano solo
one of the 10 winners of the ‘Less is More’ contest

“Preludio y Humoresque”
top pick of the 10 winners of the ‘Cinco de Mayo’ contest
“Seven Ate Nine”
top pick of the 10 winners of the ‘Rhythmic Experiments’ contest
“Plenty Four Seven”
one of the 10 winners of the ‘Jazz’ contest
“True Odd Blues”
one of the 10 winners of the ‘Blues’ contest
one of the 10 winners of the ‘New Orleans’ contest

one of the 10 winners of the ‘Soundscape’ contest
with inclusion of certain given elements
one of the 10 winners of the ‘Earthday’ contest

• coach / teacher

As a piano/composition-, computer music- and ensemble teacher/coach, Joris loves to pass on his knowledge of and passion for music & sound to anyone who's interested.

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classical compositions:

jazz compositions:

classical performances:

some classical recordings performed by Joris
(Bach, Brahms, Schubert, Chopin and Glinka on piano and Couperin on harpsichord)

adept’s ode:

legendary (old-english, 17th century) poems meet brand new compositions

Philip Hölzenspies (lead vocal)
Bart Soeters (bass)
Joris Holtackers (all other instruments)

(composed, produced, recorded,
mixed & mastered by Joris.
The song ‘Loving & Beloved’ is
composed by Joris, Bart and Philip)

The album will soon be re-released
Stay tuned for more info

music for movies:

Watch the short movie “Zorgen” for the Tergooi Hospital in The Netherlands (movie producer: Maarten Corbijn),
for which I composed & performed the piano music

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