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welcome to the virtual
home of joris holtackers

composer-pianist | multi-instrumentalist | audio recording & mastering engineer awarded with 15 indaba music awards
(prizes awarded by a.o. paul simon and steve reich, see blog)
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"really love this; your submission was killer! great remix"
concord music group via indabamusic

"very, very exciting… wonderful sound!"
jasper van 't hof

"your 'plenty four seven' is by far the most interesting, beautiful and best conceived and performed tune of all brief! … you are my myth!!!"
andrea riderelli via indabamusic

"this is outrageous… your notes are really breathing in and out... you give all the notes the right space..... the notes and timing is beautiful… a deep bowing..."
'le vab' via indabamusic

"normally, I can trust my ears to work out whether someone has used live playing or sample banks… your music really speaks to me on a level that no other music on this site has done yet!"
ben fowler via indabamusic

"outstanding, brilliant, a most enjoyable and dynamic listening experience… great work and beautiful sonic clarity… in the same league with disney"
ben evolence via indabamusic


project sam jobfilm producties* • duo & trio with bart soeters & johan olof adept's ode pakezel producties
* film music for the peace palace in the hague, nl


project sam jobfilm producties* duo & trio with bart soeters & johan olof valentín (piano performance in a movie by alejandro agresti) • pakezel producties stenniz • pianist @ theater productions stijn van der loo and paul passchier
* film music for the peace palace in the hague, nl


artez conservatory (zwolle, nl) • private teaching & coaching


composing • performing • producing • (re)mastering • (re)mixing • teaching/coaching


piano • drums • guitar • bass-guitar • percussion • synthesizers • virtual instruments


acoustic music


music • art • photography • hifi & electronics • computers & software • traveling • sustainability


apple apogee akg stax • acoustat (electrostatic mastering speakers) • native instruments project sam vilabs production voices galaxy instruments eastwest slate digital toneboosters eareckon • 'custom ears'


piano (bachelor 'cum laude' in 1998, and master in 1999) at the utrecht conservatory (hku), the netherlands
studied with
bert van den brink , jasper van 't hof , and during a study exchange in 1999 with john taylor

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• composing, performing and recording music for media
• online (re)mixing, (re)mastering and restoration
• crystal-clear mobile recordings up to 24bit/192khz

• provide customers with the cleanest, most transparent, spatial and realistic remasters and recordings
• get the most out of each project, adjusting to the very wishes of every single customer
• extremely friendly price
As a composer, Joris Holtackers is fascinated by the fusion of different styles of music and cultures in a stylish & natural way. When performing and playing, he emerges his influences into his very own distinctive style, sensitive and authentic. He can be recognized by a melodically lyrical, a harmonically colorful, and a rhythmically infectious style. His music is filled with character and emotion.
When mixing, Joris tries to re-imagine each musician's flow during the recording. He also thinks like a producer, directing what parts of each instrumental track should be highlighted. He doesn't stop until he thinks everything is sounding in a musically pleasant and balanced way.

His goal is giving each instrument it's own, equally important place. Acoustic ensembles are dynamic and organic species, and they require an organic approach. This means that, in general, presets won't do the trick for him. He's "riding the levels" more often than he's "compressing".

Mixing is a handicraft and he's passionate about it.
When mastering, Joris tries to get an end result that's satisfying on hi-end, hi-fi as well as consumer electronics. Where "balance" is the main keyword during the mixing, the most important thing while mastering is "equality".

His aim is to create a spectral balance, tranquility and a spatiality that's very pleasing on any audio system. Just like when he's composing, performing and mixing, he's at home when he's mastering any music style, especially classical music, world music and jazz.

Mastering is precision- and patience work and Joris is fond of it.

PS: if desired, Joris can make a master very loud, competing with current commercial standards while still remaining decent dynamics.
But personally he prefers the motto:
"Stop The Loudness War!"
• Very, very careful mixing and mastering in the broadest sense of the word
• Using the ears wisely: monitoring at low to medium levels to prevent listening fatigue and hearing loss
• Using quality monitors, different headphones and electrostatic speakers, but also hi-fi gear and small consumer / laptop / iPhone speakers and regularly switching between them
• Being very picky with used gear (microphones, converters, monitoring, compressors, equalizers and reverbs)

Last but not least:
• Respecting the musicians who made the music, and it's style/genre
• Loving each and every step of the process, from start to finish
• Clear communication:
Listening to the exact wishes of all customers and create an open atmosphere in which everything can be discussed
• First listening, then act and support the musicians, turn the best spotlights on and aim them at the performers at the very right moment
• Very devoted and serious attitude, but not afraid of experimenting either (if desired). Experiments always have to be supporting the music itself.

But just like classical music, Joris likes listening to jazz & world/latin artists such as:

Dave Brubeck
Chick Corea
Bill Evans
Bobby McFerrin
Pat Metheny
Michael Brecker
Hermeto Pascoal
Rokia Traoré
Paquito D'Rivera
Dino Saluzzi
Béla Fleck
Trilok Gurtu
The Yellowjackets
Jasper van 't Hof
Ernst Reijseger
Astor Piazzolla
Al Jarreau

…and pop artists like:

Paul Simon
Peter Gabriel
The Beatles
The Band
Jeff Buckley
Steely Dan
Stevie Wonder
^ click the name of any artist to open a link to one of my most favorite albums (on iTunes, if possible)
As a piano/composition-, computer music- and ensemble teacher/coach, Joris loves to pass on his knowledge of and passion for music and sound to anyone who's interested.
Joris Holtackers
Anthonie van Dijckstraat 8
3443 GL Woerden
The Netherlands
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