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composer-pianist • multi-instrumentalist • recording engineer
• awarded by Paul Simon and Steve Reich at indabamusic



In my early youth I fell in love with the piano. Since, I attended classical piano lessons and later studied jazz piano at the conservatory of Utrecht (with Jasper van ’t Hof & Bert van den Brink) where I graduated ‘cum laude’ for Bachelor and one year later for Master degree (after having lessons from John Taylor at the Hochschule foür Musik in Cologne). Next to the main piano lessons I also studied composition with Henk Alkema and followed sound engineering classes.

After my studies I toured through theater-, classical and pop stages like Bellevue and Paradiso in Amsterdam with several bands/artists/singers, also with appearances on dutch national television. Besides live performing I increasingly do studio session work as a multi-instrumentalist; next to piano I also play percussion, drums and (bass)guitar.



For the Arthouse-movie Valentín (2002) by Alejandro Agresti, I've performed the piano scores written by Paul M. van Brugge:




I started composing when I was 17. During my studies at the conservatory, I attended composition lessons from Henk Alkema. Since, I kept on writing music since then for various ensembles (classical & jazz/world) and for movie productions.

While composing & playing I become fascinated by the fusion of different styles of music and cultures. I compose, arrange and play both classical and modern (jazz, world, pop-rock) music with equal enthusiasm and devotion.

The Mood I'm In
jazz composition, performance & production by Joris Holtackers, lead vocal by Sander Geurts
(video clip made with an iphone 6) ©2015

movie for Tergooi Hospital
piano composition & peformance by Joris Holtackers
movie producer: Maarten Corbijn


Studio Works

Just like when I’m composing & performing: I’m at home with recording/mixing/mastering in various music styles, especially classical music, world music and jazz. At the conservatory I was following audio engineering classes and since then I’ve been continuing my development within this craft. I have always had a passion for sound since my early youth.

While recording, mixing & mastering I benefit from both my knowledge and experience as a musician/composer as well as my expertise as an audio engineer to get the desired sound. 
My aim while recording/mixing is to make recordings that let the listener to enjoy and experience the music to the fullest while feeling the vibe. I always strive to give each instrument it's own, equally important place. Acoustic ensembles are dynamic and organic species, and they require an organic approach.

When mastering, i’m always searching for a spectral balance, tranquility and a spatiality that's very pleasing on any audio system. Mastering is precision- and patience work and I’m fond of it.
My keywords are: transparency, musicality, balance, dynamics & natural pleasant sound.


As a freelancer I'm engaged as a sample/loop editor and composer / session musician for ProjectSAM (Symphobia 1 & 2Lumina and Swing)

With pleasure I worked for Tibetan singer Namgyal Lhamo (recording & mastering engineer) for her albums Musical Offerings 1 and 2

True Odd Blues - cover image.jpg

True Odd Blues

jazz compositions & performances by Joris Holtackers



film music by Joris Holtackers




As a music teacher/coach, I love to pass on my knowledge of and passion for music & sound to anyone who's interested. I've built up experience as a teacher since 1997 and in recent years I taught at a.o. the conservatories of Utrecht and Zwolle. As a freelance teacher I helped piano pupils prepare for the admission to the conservatory (with successful result).

Currently I'm a freelance piano teacher / music coach and I also teach piano at the Piano Academy in Amsterdam, check them out if you are living in Amsterdam:



30 min lesson at pupil’s home: €40
45 min lesson at pupil’s home: €50
1 hour lesson at pupil’s home: €60

5x 30min-lesson-ticket at pupil’s home: €195
5x 45min-lesson-ticket at pupil’s home: €245
5x 60min-lesson-ticket at pupil’s home: €290

10x 30min-lesson-ticket at pupil’s home: €380
10x 45min-lesson-ticket at pupil’s home: €480
10x 60min-lesson-ticket at pupil’s home: €570

30 min lesson in my studio: €30
45 min lesson in my studio: €40
1 hour lesson in my studio: €50

5x 30min-lesson-ticket in my studio: €145
5x 45min-lesson-ticket in my studio: €195
5x 60min-lesson-ticket in my studio: €245

10x 30min-lesson-ticket in my studio: €280
10x 45min-lesson-ticket in my studio: €380
10x 60min-lesson-ticket in my studio: €470



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