Original 2008-release text written by singer Philip:

Proudly, I'd like to present you the debut album
Loving & Beloved by Adept's Ode.

Back in the year 2003, singer Philip Hölzenspies, bass player Bart Soeters and I got the idea of making a complete album filled with new compositions based on Old English (17th century) poems. The first song that arose was Loving and Beloved (on a poem by Sir John Suckling). Musically, the three of us got along like a house on fire, so we decided to go ahead and continue the journey.

Adept's Ode was born.

Since the very scarce spare time of all three of us, it took some time and effort to meet, which explains why it wasn't before 2008 until the last note was written and recorded. From 2003 until present, my studio has changed a lot. It was a big challenge to make the earliest recordings sound similar to the latest in 2008 and to make the final sound on par with the demands of Studio Sonopoly's current standards. During this process, it's surprising to hear performances coming back to life; retrieving all the vibe and energy the music was originally performed with. So, the hard work paid off, and now's the moment I can offer you our musical journey through ten touching legendary poems. I hope you'll enjoy this album as much as we did making it. 

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