Here's a selection of my 16 compositions that have been awarded at Indaba Music (New York, USA)

To listen the tracks:
visit my Indaba Music profile, hoover over the Award badges and click the playback button


Love is Eternal Sacred Light - by Paul Simon • 3rd prize / runner-up
awarded by Paul Simon out of 300+ international submissions

5x5 - by Steve Reich • honorable mention
awarded by Steve Reich and Christian Carey out of 250+ international submissions


Preludio y Humoresque ‘Cinco de Mayo’ contest - Seven Ate Nine ‘Rhythmic Experiments’ contest

Plenty Four Seven ‘Jazz’ contest - True Odd Blues ‘Blues’ contest

Jambalaya ‘New Orleans’ contest


Schicksalsuite for symphonic orchestra • Transitions’ contest

Ballade nr.1 for solo piano • ‘Less is More’ contest