I started composing when I was 17. During my studies at the conservatory, I attended composition lessons from Henk Alkema. Since, I kept on writing music since then for various ensembles (classical & jazz/world) and for movie productions.

While composing & playing I become fascinated by the fusion of different styles of music and cultures. I compose, arrange and play both classical and modern (jazz, world, pop-rock) music with equal enthusiasm and devotion.

The Mood I'm In
with singer Sander Geurts
videoclip recorded with iPhone 6)

  • Really love this; your submission was killer!
    — concord music group via indabamusic
  • Outstanding, brilliant,a most enjoyable and dynamic listening experience… Great work and beautiful sonic clarity… in the same league with Disney
    — ben evolence (producer) via indabamusic
  • Very, very exciting! Wonderful sound!
    — Jasper van 't Hof (jazz pianist and composer)
  • Your "Plenty Four Seven" is by far the most interesting, beautiful and best conceived and performed tune of all Brief! … You are my myth!!!
    — andrea riderelli (composer, conductor, producer) via indabamusic
  • Normally, I can trust my ears to work out whether someone has used live playing or sample banks... but your stuff sounds so real and live…..!
    — ben fowler (music producer) via indabamusic

In my free time I love getting inspired by music of all times and genres, from early music to modern music. On this page I'm keeping a list of recordings on Spotify that are a great source of inspiration for me, both as a composer and as a performing musician.