Studio Works

Just like when I’m composing & performing: I’m at home with recording/mixing/mastering in various music styles, especially classical music, world music and jazz. At the conservatory I was following audio engineering classes and since then I’ve been continuing my development within this craft. I have always had a passion for sound since my early youth.

While recording, mixing & mastering I benefit from both my knowledge and experience as a musician/composer as well as my expertise as an audio engineer to get the desired sound. 
My aim while recording/mixing is to make recordings that let the listener to enjoy and experience the music to the fullest while feeling the vibe. I always strive to give each instrument it's own, equally important place. Acoustic ensembles are dynamic and organic species, and they require an organic approach.

When mastering, i’m always searching for a spectral balance, tranquility and a spatiality that's very pleasing on any audio system. Mastering is precision- and patience work and I’m fond of it.
My keywords are: transparency, musicality, balance, dynamics & natural pleasant sound.


As a freelancer I'm engaged as a sample/loop editor and composer / session musician for ProjectSAM (Symphobia 1 & 2Lumina and Swing)

With pleasure I worked for Tibetan singer Namgyal Lhamo (recording & mastering engineer) for her albums Musical Offerings 1 and 2