As a music teacher/coach, I love to pass on my knowledge of and passion for music & sound to anyone who's interested. I've built up experience as a teacher since 1997 and in recent years I taught at a.o. the conservatories of Utrecht and Zwolle. As a freelance teacher I helped piano pupils prepare for the admission to the conservatory (with successful result).

Currently I'm a freelance piano teacher / music coach and I also teach piano at the Piano Academy in Amsterdam, check them out if you are living in Amsterdam:



30 min lesson at pupil’s home: €40
45 min lesson at pupil’s home: €50
1 hour lesson at pupil’s home: €60

5x 30min-lesson-ticket at pupil’s home: €195
5x 45min-lesson-ticket at pupil’s home: €245
5x 60min-lesson-ticket at pupil’s home: €290

10x 30min-lesson-ticket at pupil’s home: €380
10x 45min-lesson-ticket at pupil’s home: €480
10x 60min-lesson-ticket at pupil’s home: €570

30 min lesson in my studio: €30
45 min lesson in my studio: €40
1 hour lesson in my studio: €50

5x 30min-lesson-ticket in my studio: €145
5x 45min-lesson-ticket in my studio: €195
5x 60min-lesson-ticket in my studio: €245

10x 30min-lesson-ticket in my studio: €280
10x 45min-lesson-ticket in my studio: €380
10x 60min-lesson-ticket in my studio: €470